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About Knights of Menethil

We are an arm of the Ebon Blade which seeks to expand and protect Alliance interests in Azeroth...

By any means necessary. 

 < Knights of Menethil > is an exclusively Death Knight heavy-military style RP guild, on Moon Guard-US. We welcome any experienced roleplayers playing Death Knights on Moon Guard who feel they would fit in our regiment.  

Freed from service to the Lich King, the former Knights of the 1113th Death Knight Infantry have banded together in service to the Alliance. Seeking the company and comraderie of their former colleagues, they have allied and renamed themselves, "Knights of Menethil" in honor of their once and true king, Terenas Menethil II. Now, they seek other members of the Ebon Blade with the skills and qualities needed for the Knights of Menethil to achieve their new goals to the Alliance. 

The Knights are organized as a military unit. The General is assisted by a cadre of officers who lead and supported the troops that bring the fight to the enemies of the Alliance.

Advancement is based on participation, attitude and contribution, and awarded on recognition of these qualities. Successful completion of a promotion trial is required to receive a commission.

Membership is restricted to Death Knights only.

The guild's focus is to roleplay, level, equip and enjoy the Death Knight class in a friendly-yet-structured setting. Guild events occur on a regular basis, allowing for interactive roleplay by all its members.

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